“We want you to have complete trust in our company, and our products so you can invest wisely. It is important for you to be able to distinguish our authentic Persian rugs from imitations. When you shop at Sheikh's, we guarantee true Persian and Oriental carpets and complete after sales service”.


“I believe there is a special group of ladies and gentlemen in this world who have the taste and discernment to enjoy, want and demand only the best. They are the people I will serve”

said Atta Sheikh 77 years ago when he opened his Persian rug weaving business.

That commitment to excellence has not wavered or been compromised since then. Today, as in 1925, Sheikh's will go anywhere in the world to search out the most original historical designs, finest materials, and the most skilled master weavers. Only the best will do. It is a bit more expensive, but the results are rich, lustrous colors, soft and cozy woolen and/or silk pile, superior resilience and durability enabling Sheikh's Oriental rug to become a treasured family heirloom. This steadfastness of purpose brings us second and third generations of families originally educated in the timeless Sheikh's tradition. We are committed to excellence in our rugs and in our service. By selling directly from the manufacturer, a substantial cost saving is passed on to the customer. Let us show you how you can afford the exquisite beauty of a Persian carpet in your home.

Our Guarantee

When you purchase an Oriental carpet you will receive a written guarantee which states you may exchange or return the same carpet for a full refund within two business days of purchase.

Long Range Exchange Considerations

We also offer a unique exchange service on our most elite Persian carpets. In years to come, should you decide to change you colour scheme, or move to a different home, you may discuss with us an exchange arrangement to upgrade your carpet.