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Work where the world comes to think, discover and learn. There are thousands of?faculty and staff members across our three campuses supporting our mission of research, teaching and scholarship.

Work where the world comes to think, discover and learn.

We offer challenging, meaningful work in an open environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms. One of Canada's Top 100 employers for over a decade, our focus is on creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains excellent employees through a combination of competitive compensation, opportunities for career growth, and a unique organizational culture.

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The HR Service Centre is an online portal for U of T staff, faculty, and librarians that unifies HR services, support, and information under one roof. This new platform serves as an entry point to other HR platforms (such as Employee Self-Service) and provides access to personalized employment information through a self-serve knowledge base and service request system.

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The Bulletin Brief is the latest iteration in a 75-year tradition of news for U of T staff and faculty. Get important information and see how we are impacting the communities we serve.

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A focus on our people


A former police officer, U of T's Serdar San now studies the Turkish regime that cost him his job

Serdar San was well into his PhD in criminology at the University of Toronto in late 2016 when his research and personal life were turned upside down.?

A Turkish National Police lieutenant who originally came to Canada on a Turkish police scholarship, San was suddenly fired from the force as an?increasingly authoritarian government in Turkey looked to crack down on its institutions of policing in the wake of a failed military coup.


In memoriam: U of T's Marian Packham was a trailblazer in medical research

A trailblazer who spent over five decades advancing medical research in Canada,?Marian Aitchison Packham, a University Professor emerita at the University of Toronto, was a highly regarded scientist at a time when there were few women in biomedicine.


Making AI more 'explainable' in health-care settings may lead to more mistakes: U of T researcher

Machine learning algorithms have the potential to provide huge benefits in health care, potentially providing more reliable diagnoses than human doctors in some cases. Yet, many of us are reluctant to entrust our health to an algorithm?–?especially when even its designers can’t explain exactly how it arrived at its conclusion.

This has led to a push for more transparency in AI design so that these powerful tools can explain?how they came to their decisions, an idea referred to as “explainable AI.”

U of T is one of Canada’s top employers

We are proudly recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2019), Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2019), Canada's Greenest Employers (2019), Canada's Top Family-Friendly Employers (2019), Greater Toronto's Top Employers (2019) and Canada's Top Employers for Canadians over 40 (2019).