Who we are

“I believe there is a special group of ladies and gentlemen in this world who have the taste and discernment to enjoy, want and demand only the best. They are the people I will serve”, said Atta Sheikh 77 years ago when he opened his Persian rug weaving business.

The Sheikh family has been North America’s provider of fine quality Oriental and Persian Rugs for over 37 years. Sajjad Sheikh’s family has been designing, crafting and selling fine, handmade Oriental rugs for generations, building a worldwide reputation for quality and expertise in the industry.

Importing into Canada since 1971, some the finest homes in this country boast the classic beauty of an Oriental rug from the House of Sheikh, some of our clientele include the Late Mrs. Lois Hole and Premier Ralph Klein.

We have an amazing selection of exquisite carpets ranging from $2500 to$25000. If you want to learn more about a fascinating industry and see how an Oriental Carpet can become the focal point of your favorite room, visit the Persian and Oriental Handmade Carpets showroom.

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