Long Term Investment

When it comes to the description of the age of an Oriental carpet such concepts as "old, semi-antique, and antique" are extremely vague. While new carpets may be a little stiff and bright in appearance, through use, the wool and dye mature transforming colours to become mellow and the carpet becomes more beautiful. As a rule, older carpets are more valuable than new. They are rare, their patterns deviate more often from those currently available, and they acquire their own patina. In judging antiques, the historian of art will consider only carpets manufactured in the 18th century or earlier. The custom authorities and dealers classify all carpets over a century old an antique and thus they are duty free. As a general rule, carpets up to 50 years of age are considered to be "old", carpets between 50 -75 years of age are "semi-antique" and over 75 to 100 years are "antique"

Like fine paintings, furniture, antique China and other forms of art; Oriental rugs add beauty and character to any setting into which they are introduced. The endless variety of color combinations and design options offer a unique style for every unique taste. From a richly patterned baroque living room, to the sleek and modern lines of an executive office, there is an Oriental rug for every setting. One does not need to be an expert on the subject to appreciate the impact of an authentic, hand-knotted Oriental rug. Not only does it immediately beautify any area, but its very presence creates an air of opulence, evokes an aura of prestige and refinement. Like fine cars, they are a visible symbol of success, a statement of your taste and achievement. Although all authentic, hand-knotted rugs are an investment simply because you never need to replace them. You save on all costs related to replacement (removal and disposal of existing wall to wall, consultation, purchase and installment of new wall to wall . . . a cycle only to be repeated again in a few years time!).

Persian rugs are valuable works of art. In reality, these rugs are one of the oldest and most glorious classic art forms that North Americans are just beginning to appreciate.