Carpet Design

For centuries Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, China, India, France, Afghanistan, Turkoman Russia, Egypt, the Caucasus are known for making beautiful hand-knotted carpets.

Oriental rugs can be divided into two main groups according to design, Curvilinear and Geometric.

They offer a myriad of designs carrying different meaning for motifs and colours that are traditionally used. Among the most famous designs are the Kashan, Kirman, Nain, Isfahan, Hamadan, Tabriz, Qum, Bokhara, Saruk, Kazak, Bijar, Ardbil, Shirwan, Baluchi Tribal, Prayer, Yuruk, Yahyhah, Hereky, Bergama, Agra, Peking and Kula.

All of these rugs are named after the Province or town where they are woven or after the name of the weaver. The many designs that have evolved through the centuries and are passed on from master weaver to apprentice are infinite. Through the carpets of the world, people continue to express their faith, history, legends, superstitions, magic and visions. In the design, motifs, and colours of the Oriental carpets, man's history and the workings of his mind can be traced.


Dr. Thomas Platt-Mills, director of the University of Virginia's Asthma & Allergic Disease Centre in Charlottesville says, "You don't want to know how many dust mites can live in a square meter of thick piled, wall-to-wall carpeting, even those vacuumed several times per week." Says Platt-Mills, "There are simple measures people can take to guard against dust mites if their doctor determines there is an allergic reaction.

Remove wall-to-wall carpeting, and replace with wood or tile floors." Using handmade Oriental area rugs on your floors allows you to shake them out or easily send them for cleaning and washing. Platt-Mills said that putting Oriental rugs outdoors in the sun, or in freezing temperatures will kill the dust mites. Oriental rugs handmade with natural wool, cotton and silk fibres, are wear resilient and stain resistant.


Do you know exactly what you are buying?
Do you personally have the expertise to identify a real fine carpet (new, old, semi-antique and antique) to determine its approximate value?


Like any other business expense, you can claim the amount of purchase if you are buying an Oriental carpet for your executive office or a board room. Check with your accountant or tax expert.