Persian and Oriental Rugs

We offer Canada’s largest selection of quality hand knotted Persian and Oriental Rugs at affordable prices. Since 1925, our family’s rugs have enhanced residences, palaces and executive boardrooms around the world. Drawing upon a legacy dating back over three thousand years, we manufacture our own rugs utilizing tools, materials and hand knotting techniques to create masterful designs that are beautiful functional works of art that compliment your hardwood and tile floors.

By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you will enjoy a high level of elegance and sophistication at an incredible value. The Signature Collection of Sheikh’s Oriental Rugs captures the latest trends in color, texture and pattern. Our 87 years of integrity and personalized service with close attention to detail are woven right in.

We invite you to call us at 780-448-9245 to schedule your Free Consultation or visit our Showroom at 2812 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J-6V7 and view our outstanding selection of Oriental and Persian Rugs in every size and price range.


Your Persian rug is a valuable art treasure and should be insured accordingly. As your carpet appreciates an appraisal will ensure your policy is adequate. Our on-staff professionals provide an extensive appraisal, giving consideration to age, fibre, dye, weave density, origin, condition and estimated resale value.


Should your carpet become unfortunately damaged, by a cigarette burn for example, we can readily handle the repair. Here is an important advantage of the handmade weave over the harder to repair machine made weave. With hand knotted rugs we isolate and remove damaged fibres then hand weave in exact matching fibres. A properly restored carpet should recover its full value and appreciate like any other Persian carpet.


Hand in hand with the high quality goes the special care of your carpet. Our company provides professional cleaning which involves hand washing with added oils to restore the natural fibres.
Oriental rugs do not have to be washed every year, in fact, with good care they only need thorough washing every 10-15 years. Routine, occasional surface cleaning of spills can be done at home with good oil based soap and water.