Shop at home

We are proud to be the first rug company in Canada to introduce home shopping in 1971. There are many benefits to shopping at home. It has proven to be the most sensible way to purchase a home furnishing of such value.

By visiting your home we can help you select the perfect rug for your décor and lifestyle. Viewing your carpet in your own environment takes all the guess work out of the decorating. With the expert help of one of our consultants you can exactly match your room's colour schemes, style, and furnishings. You can also get the right fit in the right room. Seeing is believing, so you can invest with confidence.

Sheikh's Oriental rugs are works of art and will always be more expensive than machine-made imitations. However, our rugs are amazingly affordable because we are selling directly from the weaver to you.

If you are not already aware of why our Persian rugs are in demand around the world, our Shop-At-Home service will enlighten you to their durability, quality and practicality. You can further enhance you ownership pride by learning about their origin, artistic significance and investment value.

Our complimentary Shop-At-Home service is convenient and time saving. You avoid rushing from store to store with the resulting impulse buying. Shopping at home is comfortable and relaxing. And if you need more time to consider your selection you may keep your favorite rug for up to two days without obligation.